Ingredients We rely on our ingredients. 

We add the best ingredients to our products, so that you can always be at your best.

We have carefully selected the ingredients of our drinks and bars together with renowned food technologists. The result is healthy YFood products that keep you full for 3-5 hours and are also unbelievably tasty.

Carefully selected ingredients: 

Lactose-free skimmed milk 

Not only does this provide you with essential vitamins and minerals, it is also particularly high in calcium – making it good for your bones, too. High-quality protein and easily digestible fat provide you with energy for the whole day.

Maltodextrin (obtained from maize) 

This complex carbohydrate is used to provide energy and is only metabolised slowly. As a carbohydrate, it has an impact on blood sugar levels, but these will fall just as constantly as they rise.

Gluten-free oat fibre 

This is purely plant-based and contains hardly any calories, fat or sugar. This makes the gluten-free oat fibre, with its additional fibre for optimal digestion, an essential part of our drinks.

Sunflower oil 

The often underestimated sunflower oil provides essential vitamin E, which protects your cells.

Rice starch 

We don’t think much of gluten. But we do think a lot of sustainability. This is why we use rice starch from renewable raw materials as a gluten-free binder and easily digestible carbohydrate.

Rapeseed oil 

As an important supplier of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E, rapeseed oil is an essential component of our drinks.


We use carrageenan as a natural stabiliser. Carrageenan is a purely plant-based additive made from red algae. It prevents the formation of ice crystals. This preserves the delicious taste and pleasant creamy consistency of our drinks.


Lactose intolerant? No problem! We add lactase to our drinks. This breaks down the lactose for you and enables our lactose intolerant customers to enjoy YFood.


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