Tasty comes in many forms. Powders or drinks? Chocolate, vanilla or banana? Find out – with our taster packs.

(£6.98 / 1l)
Taster Pack Classic Drinks

Contains five drinkable meals in five delicious flavours

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(£29.40 / 1kg)
Taster Pack Classic Powder

Contains ten powder meals in five flavours

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(£6.98 / 1l)
Taster Pack Vegan

Contains five vegan ready-to-drink meals in five delicious flavours

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What's in it? Top quality. Thanks
to top ingredients.

yfood supplies your body with all essential nutrients, 26 vitamins and minerals. It puts virtually no strain on your metabolism, tastes great and is easy to digest.

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Always just right for you.
  • On the move or out and about

  • Save yourself time

  • On stressful workdays

  • A healthy alternative

  • When you fancy yfood

Smart Food that fits into your modern-day life with no compromise. No matter where or when. With all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Good for you. Good for the climate.

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